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Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 6:56 AM

Oatly factories


where are your worldwide factories located?

Is the production chain based on raw materials or do you use premade ingredients (and if so, which)?

thank you!

16 days ago

Hey Paul,


We have factories up and running in different locations spread across Asia, North America and Europe, to make sure that our customers across the globe can experience our Oatly goodness.


Our production chain uses carefully picked raw materials that are high quality and sustainable, so that our oat drinks are as tasty as they are good for the environment. Here is an article on our community forum that goes into more detail about some of the raw materials (oats, rapeseed oil and cocoa to name a few.)


We’d love to know more, so we can help answer any further questions as best as possible.


Hope this helps,