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Monday, November 6th, 2023 12:39 AM

Oatly's Organizational Structure

Hi ! Seeing as Oatly is very concerned with being an ethical, equitable company, I was wondering whether it follows a horizontal or vertical structure ? Is there some chart/table that shows the way the company is structured ?

Thank you :))

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7 months ago

Hi and thank you for your interesting questions!


As you may know we're a Swedish company, something that very much influences us. The Swedish model of leadership implements a lot of devolved responsibility and accountability – all to create an empowering and enabling environment for co-workers. It means our leaders are focusing on managing out, rather than up. In a 'flat' management model like this there's also no strict hierarchy and our CEO's door is always open. 


Sometimes this kind of leadership is perceived as lacking structure or organization charts, which isn’t true. We believe every co-worker needs easy access to a leader, available to coach and guide the person’s responsibilities and accountabilities.


If you're curious you can check out our management here and there are also some bits about how we work with implementing our guiding principles in our Sustainability report, starting on page 30.


Any questions, do let us know!


Åsa at Oatly