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Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 1:35 PM

Organic and / or calcium?


I am wondering whether the oats in Oatly regular are non-organic...  I once read that the oats come from the same farms, but only in the Oatly regular there is calcium added, which prohibits the label organic.

Is this true, and can I safely buy regular (with calcium) without promoting non-organic agriculture?   

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14 days ago

Hello Luka,


thanks for your message! 


We’re only using organic oats in our organic products. This has to do with both price and labelling, which you point out. Hear you on wanting to support organic farming but please also rest assured we’re picky with all of our oats - working with our oat suppliers in various ways to ensure our oats are grown in ways that are sustainable for humans as well as the planet. One of our initiatives is FARM (Future Agriculture Renovation Movement). Read about that here if you’re up for it!


Any questions let us know. 




Åsa at Oatly