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Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 7:52 AM

Pictures on the Locations page on Oatly.com are missing for the production locations

Hi Oatly Team,

On your Locations page on the website there are many nice pictures of offices in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Mälmo and so on. Very nice comfortable seats and sofa's. It looks splendid. However for the production locations the picture are often black or missing? Do you also have nice comfortable offices there?  Perhaps upload some great pictures of Oatly production lines and/or machinery. Otherwise maybe kinda weird? 

With kind regards,


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10 months ago

Hi Hendrick!


I love that you've enjoyed the various pictures of our offices around the world, thank you for the kind words about them. Our team puts a lot of effort and intention into making our work spaces what they are. And the same goes into our production locations and factories! However due to our IP, manufacturing process and trademarks, we can't share pictures of those locations as they are toppppp secret. Seeing them would require some type of James Bond, Mission Impossible energy...