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Monday, June 10th, 2024 7:49 PM

Smaller portions

Is there smaller portions available to buy, in particular in the yoghurts. 
I would love to be able to add a pot to my kids lunch pot every day as they love it.

My son has autism and is very fussy with flavours and I am really struggling to find anything suitable at all on the market, in especially strawberry.

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7 days ago

Hey Helen,

Stoked you reached out, which product is it that your son loves? 

We've got our Oat Drink and Oat Drink Chocolate available in a 250ml format that can be brought in a lucnh pot, depending on where you are based. 

We also have have 350 g sizes of Oatgurt Strawberry available in some of our markets as our smallest portion, but nothing that's strawberry flavored and in kid sized. But, I'm happy to take your request of strawberry flavored "kid sized" products to our inn'oatvation team for consideration. 

Best regards, 

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Thank you for getting back in touch.

It’s the strawberry yoghurt he loves, it tastes just like normal yoghurt, in fact better! It’s also my daughters favourite too.
I find it really strange as I would have though, strawberry being the most favoured flavoured by a child, other than maybe bananana, that there would be a few choices of dairy free out there now, but other than coconut based (yuk) I haven’t been able to find any, not just kid sized, but individual portions. May be an idea 🤔🤞😁

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Hey again Helen, 

As you say, and I toatally agree, there are still gaps in the plant-based category in supermarkets. I'm happy to take note of the items that you are missing on our wish list. 

Oat regards,