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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 7:40 PM

Meet Bridget, the oil painter of our dreams

Today, we’d like to add this oil painting to our hall of fame collection.

Were we drawn to this art piece because it’s summer and we like watermelon or is Barista Edition Oatmilk our secret favorite child? The world will never know, but we’re pleased to be able to share an interview with oat fan behind the art: Bridget Gallagher, an oat punk artist from Texas.



How did you get into Oatly/oatmilk: I'm a life-long dairy-alternative girlie, but I always hated the trending almond milk options at coffee shops. Finding Oatly at Chicago's Cafe Umbria in 2017 was a religious experience. Finally, I'd discovered a dairy-free alternative that could properly froth - a gentle, sweet, creamy texture that didn't leave any weird aftertaste. I've been evangelizing for the Oatlyfe ever since. 

If you were an Oatly frozen dessert pint, which flavor would you be and why: If I were an Oatly frozen dessert, I'd be a two-scoop cone with salted caramel on top and coffee on the bottom. I think it's silly to pick just one when the combo gives a perfect caramel latte vibe. 

What song do you think of when you look at your oat carton painting: I painted this piece on my 100º Texas patio, listening to Mt. Joy's Orange Blood album. "Johnson Song" and "Roly Poly" come to mind when I look at this silly little oil painting.

Do you have any other artists/creators that you like to follow on Instagram, that you'd like to give a shoutout to: The Austin, TX art market scene has such a welcoming, fun group of gals! I've loved working and selling alongside @Kemisart, @stayunstill, @maddiegreenboutique, and

I appreciate a chaotic, goofball aesthetic and love seeing new posts from creators like @juniperfoxx, @raccdaily, and i_felt_kitsch pop up on my feed.


Thanks for chatting with us, Bridget! And oat fans, let us know below if you have a favorite piece of Oatly art that we should highlight.

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