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Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 12:50 PM

Meet Travis, the Oatly super fan from Fargo

Name: Travis


Location: Fargo, North Dakota, USA


Proudest Oatly Claim to Fame: “I proudly wear the “Post Milk Generation” shirt you sent me a few years ago. All my friends know I’m an Oatly super fan, and it’s the only milk we keep in the house - and now it’s the milk alternative I got our daycare provider to carry, too!”


What’s your favorite thing to do with Oatly?: “I’m currently enjoying Full Fat Oatly in my favorite fashion: my morning cup of coffee. Also - how could I forget to mention?! - I recently took up gluten-free baking, and I have perfected my delicious, GF, MVP, all-purpose sandwich bread, and guess what the secret ingredient is? Love, of course, and … Oatly.”


What’s your best carton-upcycling tip?: “My daughter and her friends have been making cute birdhouses out of our old Oatly cartons! We can’t save all of the cartons, because then we’d have to dedicate half of the basement to carton storage, but we always keep a few clean empties on hand for crafting. Here are some photos of our barren lilac bush sporting a couple of those Oatly-sponsored-looking birdhouses she made.”


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