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Monday, April 29th, 2024 11:46 AM

Oatly Wallets

Let us introduce a smart, fun and sustainable way to make the most out of your Oatly cartons - Oatly Wallets! Brought to you by @Nordnectar

Find full instruction video here

Tools needed: Scissors, pen and carpet knife

1. Cut the edges shown in the video
2. wash of and let dry
3. Fold the four sides of the package about 1,2 cm/0,47 in from the corners
4. Fold the sides togheter and flaten
5. Fold the bottom and align to the bottom of the white text
6. Turn the package and cut along the side to the folded area
7. Turn the package again and this time cut along the "small" side to the folded area
8. Fold the two tabs on each side upwards and cut of the legs
9. Now turn the package up side down (the cork at the bottom) and fold it to the uper edge
10. Put the smaller tab/tongue inside the pocket and flaten
11. Now you can cut the corners however you like
12. press the "lid" against the opening, put the cork on the marks and draw a circle around it
13. Use a carpet knife to cut it out, enjoy! :)

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