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Thursday, June 15th, 2023 6:14 PM

Barista Edition Milk Iodine Fortified?

The Oatly website specifies that all non-organic Oatly products are fortified with iodine. However, I have combed over the ingredient and nutrition label for the original Oatly Barista Edition and haven't found anything to indicate the presence of iodine at all. There appears to be sea salt, but sea salt doesn't contain iodine.

So, as the final word: Does the original oat milk barista edition contain iodine?

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10 months ago

Hi Little-Gray!


Fortification is always country specific so it depends on where you're getting your Barista from. Let us know where you're based and we'll help you out! 


Åsa at Oatly 

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We're in the US and looking for a low iodine milk alternative. Does your company have something like this?

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Hi Ian,


Oatly products in the US are not additionally fortified with iodine, so we don't currently measure the amount of iodine in our US oatmilks. If it helps, we don't add any iodine that isn't naturally occurring in our ingredients!


Peace, love and oats.

Ruby from Oatly

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7 months ago

Hi! I live in Germany and am looking for a low-iodine alternative too. What does the "Oatly Bio" contain? I know that oats naturally contain a very small amount of iodine, so I would really like to compare the real values between different vegan "milk" options.

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Hi there. First of all: Great to read that you seem to be just as interested in oats and nutrition as we are. Since iodine is important for our health, but most iodine intake at this point stems from traditional dairy products, we add potassium iodine to our enriched products - products sold in Germany are enriched with 22,5µg/100ml (15% DRI). We do this to make sure it’s as easy as possible to switch to a plant-based diet without missing out on vital nutrients. However, we understand that some might prefer a drink that’s not enriched at all, this is where our organic oat drink (aka “Hafer Bio”) comes in the picture, which contains only oats, water and sea salt. However, since we don’t enrich the organic drink, we don’t measure the level of (naturally occurring) iodine in this product and can’t provide more detailed information. But you’re absolutely right: If you’re looking for a product that’s not at all enriched, the “Hafer Bio” drink is your best choice. Hope this helps and don’t forget to have an oatlyful day. Leo at Oatly

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Hi there,

I am based in the UK and looking for a milk alternative while on a low iodine diet for my treatment. I was wondering whether the ‘The Original Oatly - Oat Drink Organic’ contains any iodine? If it’s not fortified, is the salt used free of iodine as well (some salt especially in different countries is iodised)?

Many thanks!

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Hey there!


As you've mentioned, our fortified drinks contain iodine so by going for our organic drink you'll be avoiding this added ingredient. In our organic drinks the sea salt we use is not idiodized so the iodine content is 0. If in doubt you can always find detailed nutritional values on the product pages of our website and if a drink contains any iodine it will always be listed. 


All the best,

Bex at Oatly