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Monday, April 8th, 2024 12:31 PM

Is Oatgurt Vanilla pasteurized?

Is Oatgurt Vanilla pasteurized or heated after fermentation?
I am interested in this because fermentation produces healthy bacteria for the intestines, but these are killed off again during pasteurization.
I am also surprised that this is not made clear in the text on the packaging. 

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2 months ago

Hey Claudius, 


what a fantastic question - and great to hear you already tried this new vanilly member of the oat family!


For our Oatgurt Vanilla we use UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) in order to extend its shelf life, but the bacteria are only added after the heat treatment, so the cultures won't be killed and are still live and alive in the final product.


Hope that helps, Claudius! 


All the best

Marlene at Oatly