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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 7:52 PM

Is whole oatly ok for toddlers?

We’ve give our 18 month old oat milk as he can’t have cows milk or soy milk. We had to get oatly whole as a one off last week but we all really like it. Is it ok to give to an 18 month old long term term or should we stick to semi skimmed? 

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2 months ago

Hiya Claire!


The only difference between our oat drink semi and whole is the fat content so, it's always a good idea to take that into account when you're thinking about portion sizes. But, generally, both our semi and whole drinks will usually be suitable as a main drink from 1 year of age. I hope this helps but if you have further specific questions, I'd recommend discussing them with your healthcare professional.


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Bex at Oatly