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Sat, Sep 3, 2022 11:11 AM

Nutritional information about Oatley deluxe

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions about Oatley deluxe:

  1. How much of the fat in Oatley deluxe  is (a) cis monounsaturated fat, (b) cis polyunsaturated fat, and (c) trans fat (if any)?
  2. How much (if any) of the unsaturated fat is omega 3 and 6 respectively?
  3. Which of the essential amino acids does Oatly deluxe contain, and in what amounts?
  4. On your product page it says ”Bonus info: kalium 151 mg … fosfor 81 mg”; What do you mean by this? That a litre of Oatley deluxe actually contains 151 mg potassium and 81 mg phosphorus? If so, why isn't this specified in the list of ingredients or the nutritional information on the carton? Does it contain other stuff as well that isn't specified on the carton, and if so, what?

I'd be super happy if you could answer these questions!



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Hace 1 m

Hi Helena,


thank you for reaching out! We've seen your e-mail too but we'll reply in here so that more people can take part of the answers. Excellent questions by the way!


We add a bit of Dipotassium phosphate to our Oatly Deluxe to prevent it from curdling in coffee; simply to make it easier to swop from cow’s milk to plant-based in your daily cup! It brings the phosphorous level to about the same as in cow’s milk (and as stated on the website too it makes up 7,5% and 12% of daily reference intake).


As we always aim to be as transparent as possible, we actually used to have these values on pack but had to remove them due to EU rules about nutritional declaration (hence, we decided to put them on the website instead)! It’s extra vital for vulnerable groups (people with kidney impairment, for example).


As far as the fat content in our Oatly Deluxe, 0,5g comes from the oats and the rest from rapeseed oil. There’s no trans fat in any of our products and rapeseed oil consists mostly of monosaturated fat (more than half) whereas the rest is polyunsaturated fat and saturated fat. As you point out, omega-3 and omega-6 are indeed found in rapeseed oil, but we don’t measure micronutrients below a certain level – the same goes for essential amino acids.


If you’d like to dig into the micronutrients of foods, the Swedish National Food Agency is usually able to provide more detailed specifications! It will give you a general estimation as it’s usually based on many different brands of oat drink.


We hope this answered your questions! Please always feel free to reach out to us again.




Åsa at Oatly