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Friday, April 14th, 2023 4:45 PM

the enzymes used to digest the oats in the process

I have bought your products since many years and enjoyed a lot. However ,I recently talked to a doctor and she does not recommend me to drink oat milk. One of the reason she said that oat milk might not be that healthy because of the enzymes used to digest the oats in the process. The end result of using the enzyme is the sugar and maltose that sweeten oat milk.But the disadvantage of it is that it increases blood sugar levels quickly. Can you please clarify that to me? Thanks!

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8 months ago

Hi Pitchaya, 


Thank you for writing to us and for your loyal support over the years! It sounds like you may find this article on our Community page helpful as well as this page about our production process on our website. If you would like more clarification or if you have other questions after checking these out, we're always happy to chat more. 


All the best, 

Ali at Oatly