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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 2:10 AM

What is the iodine content in Oatly's Organic Oat drink ?

I'm looking for a milk alternative for Low Iodine Diet but noticed oatly fortifies it's products except organic oat drink. May I know what is the iodine level in organic oat drink ? 

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11 months ago

Hi Peter, 


We're glad that you checked with us! You may be interested to know that our fortifications actually vary by market. Our products are not fortified with Iodine in the US, Asia and Australia, but our EU fortified oat drinks will have iodine in them (22,5µg/100ml). For our EU Organic Oat Drink, we don't add iodine as a fortification, so we don't measure for this in this variety. I hope this information was somewhat helpful!



Ruby from Oatly