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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 3:29 AM

Dairy promoted on Oatly?

I was enjoying my Oatly Chocolate when I discovered a QR Code and figured I what it says. Imagine my surprise when the first full image I see is a shopping cart with a carton that says: 
"WHOLE MILK" (yes, capitalized). I understand that you are happy to let your suppliers promote themselves, but with something that goes against your own beliefs so dominantly displayed?! 


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6 months ago

Hi Andrea,


Glad you have been enjoying our Chocolate! Milk can be made from plants or come from animals these days, but we'd definitely like to investigate what bit of packaging you're referring to, as we don't have any QR codes that link to our packaging supplier (Tetra Pak). If you'd be up for helping our team solve this mystery, please feel free to post a photo of your carton here or to our support team at!