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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 8:58 AM

Oatly and Gluten

Obviously, we need to deal with the most obvious thing first, do Oatly products contain gluten or not?  

The simple answer is that it depends on which market you’re on. In the US our products are certified gluten free (as they are made with Canadian gluten free oats), but on all other markets they are not. On those markets we can however guarantee that our products contain a maximum of 100 parts per million (mg/kg product) gluten.  


And now you might be thinking – but aren’t oats naturally gluten free? Yes, but while oats in itself is free from gluten proteins, it may be contaminated from grains containing gluten during harvesting, transport, production etc. 
To add slightly more to the confusion around gluten – when talking about it on a global scale, the legislations (and with that - limits) limits for calling a product gluten free differs on different markets. So, we always recommend checking with your health care professional and your local food and safety authorities to be sure you have the relevant information.  

Why not just use gluten free oats on all markets?  

The thing is, it’s quite the process to create gluten free products. The raw materials needed (gluten free oats) are much more expensive in most markets than the oats we use now, and the strictly regulated environment that would be needed in the production facilities would require a huge rebuild of our production.  


And since our mission is to make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process (take a shot of oat drink every time you hear us say that), we want to avoid making our products even more expensive than their dairy counterparts than they already are. This way we can get plant based products to more people and scale more quickly, which is the most efficient way to tackle climate change today in our opinion.   

Will Oatly ever have gluten free products on other markets than the US?

It’s not super likely the way it looks now, but maybe! Please send good energy and thoughts to the oat monster that lives in the Oatly lake (also known as the all powerful Oatly lord). 


That being said, gluten will never not be on our minds. Sometimes we even dream about the small protein at night when we’re recharging for another day of carb loading on oats. So, we’ll end this with saying that we don’t currently have any specific plans to launch gluten free products on more markets than we have now, but who knows what the future holds. 

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4 months ago

It really sucks that oatly is not gluten-free in Europe. But I am happy that there are other oat milk products and other oat milk brands that ARE gluten-free. And people like me, that are vegan and gluten-free are buying from other brands and not from Oatly. This is a huge section of the markets that Oatly is missing out on or is not catering to. And by the time Oatly does, WE the gluten-free Vegans in Europe will have found other brands to choose from. 

Thank you for letting me add my two cents. 

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@jenny_fikke​ why do you care about Oatly being gluten free. There are other brands you can buy from right? Oatly probably did a mArket analysis. They can probably sell more at a lower price. Than becoming gluten free in Europe but having to sell their products for a higher price. Buy your oat milk from the competition, problem solved.

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4 months ago

Hey Jenny,
Thanks for adding your two cents to our piggy bank. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer! Just you know, add another two cents and let us know. Sending oats of love your way!

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4 months ago

It is almost dangerous that there is a difference when it comes to gluten in your products in the US and Europe. Most coffee bars here in Norway are convinced they have a gluten free alternative when they have Oatley, and are surprised when I tell them otherwise. And I am sure many tourists and travellers believe the products are the same, and have been up for some “accidents” with tummy aches and more serious stuff…

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Agree this is tricky, Mari!


That's why it's super important for all food producers to communicate clearly around allergens (which is why HAVRE is in capitol letters on our packages, aligned with the mandatory labelling requirements for allergens in food).


And as you point out cafés must also be aware of what allergens they're serving so that their coffee drinkers are safe.  




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3 months ago

For what it’s worth, Alpro Oat Barista GF is about the same price as Oatly. It’s not quite as good but to say the cost of GF oats is much more doesn’t quite ring true when compared to this alternative product.