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Monday, November 27th, 2023 1:56 PM

Students, this one's for you

Hey students, pre-students, non-students, aspiring to be students, never studying another day in my life students, obsessed with Oatly but have nothing to do with students and just anyone in between, this is for you.  
If you happen to have an obsession with Oatly, or have a big or a small research project coming up and you want to indulge in the world of oats, you have come to the right place. We want to congratulate you for finding the abs-oat-lutely bestest topic, like ever. Oh, and HOW great is it that people want to write about us, study what we do, and learn from us? Pretty great when you think about it, and probably one of the bestest compliments we could ever get.  

Students are super-duper important for Oatly (and yes, we said duper). After all, you are the future that will shape our society and support the Post Milk Generation. Cheesy, but true. And guess what, we want to be there for you and help you write those essays, thesis projects or whatever else your heart desires to write. This is why we have created the ultimate Student Material. So, this is our way of showing you how fond of you we are.  

Now with that said, instead of you being passed from department to department in search of in-depth answers we thought we'd make life a little easier for you by putting all the oaty information you could ever need in one place in the student material. Check it out (at the end of the article) and – we promise each page is full of oat fun. 

Oh, one more thing worth mentioning, we are not able to provide any interviews or assign a dedicated person to you – hope you understand. But we are happy to answer any specific questions you have; our Community Management team also known as the oat-bots are super-duper (here we go again) great at that, just email us at 


Also if you feel like you love us so much that you want to intern for us connect with our HR department at  

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