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Monday, October 9th, 2023 10:41 AM

Why have we changed the caps on our Oat Drinks?

If you know anything about Oatly, you know that we make pretty oat-mazing oat-based products because we know that eating a plant-based diet can help lower your climate impact*. But, we don’t stop at what’s inside the carton as our packaging is just as important to take into consideration. That’s why we’re excited to see a new EU directive supporting the reduction of plastic waste and we want to share what that means for all of you using our products across the EU, UK, and Ireland. 


EU Directive, 2024: Tethered Caps

Due to the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic caps, the EU Commission is changing the strategy for single-use plastics, shifting towards establishing a circular economy where the design and production of plastics fully respects re-use, repair, and recycling needs. It calls for more sustainable materials to be used and adapted accordingly across the EU, which will result in reducing the negative effects of single-use plastic solutions. 


Why have you changed the caps?

The reason we have changed our caps is because of new EU regulations. Due to the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic caps, which sometimes get separated from the pack and end up in nature, the new EU regulation states that the cap has to be tethered to the pack. Plus, we think that moving from single-use plastics towards a more economically sustainable and environmentally conscious solution (re-useable materials), is a double-win.


What do the new caps look like?

You’ll find our new ‘click style’ caps on our ambient (long-life/shelf-stable) products and they’re already in circulation in some markets. There will be noticeable differences to the cap you may be used to. The new click cap is mounted to the carton, meaning that you can’t remove it from the carton. Nor will it have the inner ring pull you normally find when unscrewing the outer cap as this part is attached to the main cap, which means you can get stuck into your carton of Oatly quicker than ever before!


How do I separate the plastic for recycling? 

The plastic lids do not separate from the carton so we advise you to check your local recycling rules for advice that's specific to where you live.


I’ve noticed the cap leaking; do you know anything about this?

It might be difficult to close the cap which could lead to leakage, or the cap being incorrectly closed. We want to stress that our packaging and production teams are already doing everything in their power to have this corrected and we’re committed to keeping true to our word and giving you the best experience whilst using our products. 

Until this issue is resolved we’d encourage you to check that the cap is correctly closed before shaking your beloved oat drink and oatgurts. A hot tip is to listen out for a click when closing the cap as this indicates it’s properly sealed. We’d still recommend placing a finger on top of the cap when shaking the product and shaking side to side rather than up and down can also help eliminate leaks. 





*World Resources Institute (WRI) (2019). Creating a Sustainable Food Future. A Menu of Solutions to Feed Nearly 10 Billion People by 2050. How to Sustainably Feed 10 Billion People by 2050, in 21 Charts | World Resources Institute (

*Actions to Transform Food Systems Under Climate Change by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Actions to Transform Food Systems Under Climate Change.pdf (

Read the EU Directive:

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8 months ago

@oatly the new caps are so bad... I can no longer enjoy oatly straight from the carton without getting it on my top... and there has been more than once I have gone to shake my oatly carton and its ended all over my kitchen... i love my oatly too much to waste it on the kitchen.

Also - if the cartons cant be recycled anymore - how does this reduce single use plastic? Now its the carton and the lid that ends up in landfill?! Je suis confused

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Hi Murray,


Sorry to hear about the mess caused in your kitchen. Guess these new lids require new drinking habits too😉! The design shouldn’t affect the recycling though, but since it varies a lot from country to country (and at a local level too) please ask your municipality about how to recycle properly. The fact that the packages now don’t have an inner ring pull and caps are attached should help reduce the risk of lose plastic parts ending up in the wrong places! Appreciate your feedback though, we pass everything on to our packaging supplier.



Åsa at Oatly

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8 months ago

Absolutely right. Impossible to open without serious spillage. Not good at all.

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5 months ago

The product also seems to have changed within this. Maybe it's something to do with the new caps not sealing as well? 

The old type frothed really well, however the new type just doesn't. I thought it was just me, but I've swapped between the old cap type and the new ones and there is a definite difference. It's a shame as I love Oatly but I'm now looking for an alternative unfortunately.

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Hi Matt,


sorry to hear that! We didn't change a thing so if you suspect something's been off with your Oatly we recommend you to file a complaint. Where are you based and we can send you the correct form to fill out?




Åsa at Oatly

5 months ago

Firstly it is great that Oatly are addressing this issue caused by legislation, and also good to know it was not a deliberate attempt to make me wipe the counter top every time I open one of the new lids and squirt my delicious barista drink everywhere! 

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Thank you John! And of courseeee not, we believe every drop of Oatly deserves to be in our community's bellies, not their countertops! 

I'm still looking forward to a new design, that allows opening of new package without spilling its content (and fulfilling the EU rules). I so miss the old screw lids.

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Hey Andreas, 

Sometimes it's hard to say good-bye to things that work for us, like the old screw lids. I'm happy to pass on your feedback about new cap design to our packaging & design team!