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Friday, October 13th, 2023 3:38 PM

New flip-top lids are horrid :-(

Dear Oatly,

Please can you bring back the screw-top lids? These flip-top ones are horrid! When I first open a carton, the cardboard of the top and side gets pulled out of shape. Then on trying to close it again I can't get it to click and the cardboard gets mashed again in the opposite direction. 

I love that the lids are from plant based plastic (sugar cane waste, right?). I just loved them a lot more when they worked better. 

Batch no. on the top is 3170AAG .

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2 months ago

Appreciate your input, Helen!


These caps are designed to meet the EU Single-Use Plastic directive (to help prevent plastic litter) - so there's no going back. We take all feedback further to TetraPak though, so thank you! 



Åsa at Oatly