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Saturday, April 6th, 2024 12:07 PM

250ml oat milk

Any idea if these are coming back yet or a replacement product with a straw for on the go? 
Is it because they were not very popular is that why they were discontinued? I’ve had sooo many people ask me where I’ve got them from and a lot of people on here looking for them so can’t see that been the reason? 

do they still sell in other countries? Maybe I can get some like that? 

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2 months ago

Hello Sammy,


We hope you have been doing well! We currently have 250 mL cartons of our Chocolate Oat Drink available via Waitrose and Ocado. For our other flavors and carton sizes, feel free to keep an eye on our official Amazon shop page here:


Peace, love and oats.

Ruby from Oatly

(Note: Edited on April 9 for to remove content that hasn't been officially announced to the public yet! But rest assured it's good news.)


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Yesss, I certainly will. The little lad isn’t keen on the chocolate ones and they don’t allow them for school anyway but great to know I can get them on Amazon. Will check this out now! 

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Hey Sammy,

Guess what! Our Original 250ml Enriched cartons are back and available to order on Amazon.I hope this is some good news to welcome you and your little man into the weekend with, and that you both have many happy oat drinking years ahead!

Your oat pal,