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Monday, April 15th, 2024 7:23 AM

Anyone else getting split milk with the oatly organic barista milk?

I am warming the milk either in the microwave or by steam wand and both ways is splitting the milk making the coffee really terrible

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2 months ago

I have a similar issue. It split when I poured it into my tea which never happened before with any other oatly product. It seems the oatly spoiled after just two days despite keeping it in the fridge. Not sure why or how.

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2 months ago

Hey Catherine, 


Oh no! I can understand your frustration with this, I want to assure you that we hear you and don't take your feedback lightly. Perhaps giving you some insight into our Barista Organic will help put your mind at ease somehow. Since our Organic version does not have the same regulators as our non-organic Barista this makes the product slightly sensitive to both the coffee roasts and how the product is prepared which affects the product differently as you've experienced.


We've found that coffee roast with a higher acidity level can make the product taste slightly bitter and at times cause the product to split, and the same can be said when heating. Unlike our conventional Barista edition which is recommended to be best heated at around 60 degrees, the organic should be lower than that to get the best functionality and avoid splitting in your coffee.


I would urge you to give the product another chance as I believe that given what I've mentioned, you can expect different results. However, I'd love to hear more from you as to the kind of coffee brand you've used, so the brand, the roast type, and if you know include the acidity levels of the beans would be helpful, last but not least, where you are located. Your feedback will give us a better understanding of what happened in your case.


If you feel that the product is faulty, please reach out to us via our Complaint Form, and our team will have a deeper look. 


I hope this gives you clarity, but if you feel that you'd like me to dive deeper into this, feel free to let me know and I'd be more than happy to.


I look forward to hearing from you, but until then, I hope you have a great Friday and weekend ahead.


Warmest Regards, 

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I have been using the organic oatly barista in my coffee unheated, and it splits every time- any advice on this?

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28 days ago

Awful. Been a Oatly user for years, usually use the regular barista Oatly milk. Bought a few cartons of the organic one because it was on sale, and I understand why it was on sale now. No matter the roast or how much you froth the milk, it splits and leaves your coffee tasting really nasty. Super disapointed.

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Hey, there Catherine, 


I am sorry to hear this and that your experience with our product has not been what you had hoped for. I can understand your frustration, and I want to assure you that your feedback is valuable to us since this is the only way we can learn from our consumers.


When it comes to our Barista Organic it's good to know that unlike our conventional Barista Edition, this product does not have the same heat regulators and fat content which can make the product slightly more sensitive to the type of roast as well as the temperature it is heated. Our Barista Organic works best with Dark roasted coffee and the optimal temperature is just under 60°, and you will see better results in both taste and foaming, unlike the Barista Edition which works best from 60°.

It is also good to mention that our Barista Organic is not intended to taste like our conventional Barista Edition, we want you to think of it more as a barista version of our Oat Drink Organic, rather than an Organic version of our Barista Edition, so what it might lack in functionality, it surely makes up for in the organic ingredients.  As for the product being on sale, we do not control this on the retail level as this is up to the retailers themselves to determine the pricing in-store. 

We value your feedback and would encourage you to continue to let us know if you ever find that our product has not lived up to the standards that you hoped for.

I hope that this has helped give you the clarity you needed but if you feel that there is something wrong with the product, I would encourage you to return the product to the store it was purchased, and they would be happy to have that replaced for you. 

Warmest Regards, 


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22 days ago

Same issue here. Not a very high acid roast and brewed pour-over with sub 90 degree water. Product still split both when slightly heated and cold. Definitely not a recommendation and quite frankly incredibly strange that Oatly brands this as a barista product.

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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out and informing us of this issue, our team has responded to your email. Please let us know if anything is still unclear or needs more clarification.




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14 days ago

Same issue. Looks like I'm going back to... Inorganic?

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12 days ago

Same here. Looks like this is a basic issue with this product. Aldi Barista Oatmilk is great and doesn't split at half the price!