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Tuesday, December 27th, 2022 7:34 PM

Banana and lemon please?

I love banana and I love lemons.  And i love banana flavored everything and i love lemon flavored stuff too.  So what are the chances that Banana Ice Cream and Lemon yogurt could be new upcoming products?  I own stock and I keep buying more, i believe in this company and would be so excited to see more flavor options in the yogurt and ice cream lines.

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1 year ago

Hello oat friend,


Bananas and lemons sure are tasty and with you writing to us, we guess you like oats too! We will definitely make sure to let our Oat Wizards oh eh, I mean Product Developers know about your ideas! Who knows what the future holds.. Hopefully, it has something to do with bananas and lemons! It makes us so happy to hear that you believe in us and that you're with us on this journey towards a more sustainable planet!


Stay safe and have a lovely end to this year!


Over and oat,

Karim at Oatly