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Friday, April 12th, 2024 3:38 PM

Barista becomes sour a lot quicker than bio version

Hi there,

I always use the barista and the bio version at the same time. Since some time when this new hinged lid was introduced I have the feeling the barista version becomes sour very quickly compared to the bio version that has the twist lid even tho the bio version was opened many days before. Can the packaging be the reason for this? 

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1 month ago

Hey there, Tomi


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I understand your concern and I want to assure you that the connection between the differences in the caps is not the cause of the product spoiling early. Early spoilage of a product can be caused by a multitude of circumstances, the most common being micro-leaks, and factors such as storage and duration that the product has been open, this can cause the product to spoil earlier than normal.


I will of course bring this up with our Quality team who are continuously working closely with our Co-packers for better solutions to improve our packaging. So, I would appreciate your clarifying a few points below which will help us better understand what might have happened with your product.


- Where are you located?

- How was the product stored before and after opening?

- Did you notice any dents/ damage to the outer packaging?

- Was the cap on the product that spoiled fitted on correctly after opening? (Sometimes there can be leaks, causing air into the carton causing it to spoil).

- Was the product our Chilled or Ambient version?


Your help with the above would be much appreciated and if you ever feel that there is something wrong, or that you have a faulty product, I would recommend reaching out to us via our Complaints Form, and our team will have you sorted out. 


I look forward to your response and if you need more clarity or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I'd be happy to answer everything in my power. 


Warmest Regards,