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Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 8:07 AM

Barista Organic Oat Milk - Steaming?

Is it possible/advised to steam the Barista organic oat milk? I've tried twice now and it's split both times. I'm a long time user of the normal Barista, never had issues with steaming, but was sent the Organic because the normal was out of stock.

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2 months ago

Hej Stephen,


Making yourself an oat flat white with your coffee machine at home is always advised! I’m sorry our Barista Organic hasn’t been working for you. Do you mind me asking what coffee you have been using and how you’ve been steaming your oat drink?


We find our Barista organic works best in less acidic coffees and ideally shouldn’t be steamed to more than 65° celsius. But of course, this is not us questioning your wonderful barista skills. If you still have the cartons, it would be great if you could send the batch details over to our lovely oat bots at who will look into this for you!


Thanks a bunch (of oats)

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I've been using a whole bean from Peru, do you want the specific details? I've checked the bag but there's nothing about how acidic it may or may not be. I use a bean to cup machine with built in steamer and usually steam to between 60-65° so that sounds ok. It must be the coffee itself it doesn't like. 

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Just me again. 

Sounds very tasty indeed, fancy making me a cup? So, the lighter the roast the more acidic the coffee may be, and it's this acidity that can cause the oat drink to split. Due to specific rules around organic certification, we have had to use a different type of acidity regulator than in our OG Barista Edition, hence why there's a little difference there. Perhaps try our Barista Organic in another darker roast coffee and report back!

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The one I'm using is quite a dark roast but it must be too acidic still. At least I understand the reason now though. Thanks