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Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 2:27 PM

E340ii in Oatly

I've been using Oatly for a few years now - for a number of reasons, including animal welfare and sustainability - but also for health,

I have just been told about E340ii. This is Dipottasium phosphate wich is, apparently, a hazardous antioxidant additive.

How concerned should I be about about this?

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1 month ago

Hi Joe,

Thanks for asking us!


Obviously we don't have any interest in putting anything hazardous in our products, so let's start by easing your mind; Dipotassium Phosphate is quite a commonly used ingredient in many food items and is deemed 100% safe and food grade according to food authorities (such as EFSA - European Food Safety Agency).


In our case, we're using it as an acidity regulator to prevent the oat drink from splitting in coffee. You can read a bit more on the topic right here if you'd like, or please let us know if you have further questions! 


All the best, 

Åsa at Oatly

Hi, the link above doesn't work. Can you please share a new one ?

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Hi Vincenzo,


sorry about that! Here's the information in regards to Dipotassium Phosphate provided by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 


All the best, 

Åsa at Oatly