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Friday, November 11th, 2022 7:08 AM

GMO, Pesticides and Glyphosate

Hi, i see a most of the post on the subject above is for Oatly that are distributed in US or Europe. How about those which are distributed in Asian countries? I am in Malaysia so would like to know if the ones distributed in my country do contain pesticides and glyphosate? or if the ingredient list contain any GMO ingredients. Sometimes the cartons that we get here the words are in english and sometimes there are in a different languange so i can't read the ingredients, etc. but don't think i have seen any certification on the box so far. 

Also the Detox Project certification, is that only for Oatly distributed in US? 

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1 year ago

Hi Ella,


thank you for your questions and sorry it's taken some time to get back to you!


Yes, the Detox Project certification is for the US only. We're also involved in several other sustainable farming research projects in Sweden and Finland (so far).


The oats we use for our range sold in Asia are grown in Australia for the most part. Regardless of origin we place the same high quality requirements on all our ingredients. So rest assure we're very picky with our oat suppliers! And no GMO's.


Hope this was helpful! Any other questions please let us know. 



Åsa at Oatly