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Saturday, January 21st, 2023 7:47 AM

Leaking caps

I have used Oatly Ikaffe everyday since 2019 but without lying 95% of the caps leaks. This is really frustrating because the product is my favorite and I woudnt want to change it, but the costant mess when shaking the product makes me crazy. Does anyone else have the same experiences? 

11 months ago

Jep, I have exactly the same experience and it drives me crazy too. I use OAT DRINK several times a day and to avoid the mess and irritation I pour the oat drink into a glass bottle every time I open a new carton. It is in no way environmentally friendly as I have to wash the bottle regularly so I am hoping and very much looking forward to an improvement of the capsule closure :-)

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10 months ago

Hi you both! We are so sorry to hear that our caps are making you lose your sanity! But do not lose hope! Be assured that we are aware of the issue and our team is working hard to find a solution for this, there is exciting stuff coming up! Meanwhile we recommend always double-checking the cap and holding it while shaking.




Roosa at Oatly