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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 12:28 PM

More options in Canada please!


I am from Vancouver, British Columbia, and was wondering if Oatly will be offering other products besides the Oat Barista Oat M*lk? Such as the Organic or Chocolate, Yogurt, or Ice Cream!

I know Canada has to follow the CFIA laws in order to be sold in Retail (such as bilingual packaging) and wanted to know if any other products will be coming down the pipeline?

Thank you!

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2 years ago

Hello Connie from Vancouver!


It's always a pleasure to hear from our oat fans in Canada. Truth be told, we truly would love to see more high quality oat products in Canada, but we don't have anything official to share in terms of which Oatly products will be coming to Canada in the near future. Right now, we're still working to grow our capabilities on this side of the world — hopefully at a later point, we will have some more positive news to share. Thank you for your patience in the meantime though!


Peace, love and oats.

Ruby from Oatly

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1 year ago

As someone moving from Sweden to Canada, and coming from a search for “Oatly Ice Cream Canada” - I fear for the future and almost spelt my coffee when I read this. I shall grain and bear it though. I will stalk your website and hope that, while I barley hold it together, that I can persevere from this toatal travesty!




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KC, our dearest oat pun lover. It's sad, but true that our frozen desserts haven't made it to the lovely people of Canada yet. We hope this will change one day. Until then, thanks for bearing with us! 


All the best, 

Ali at Oatly

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I too lived in Sweden for a period of time. And share your sadness about the lack of Oatly products in Canada. I am currently in Ottawa, Ontario. Oatly whipping cream is the best dairy-free whipping cream I have ever had. I miss it so much and I dream of it often. If I could buy it in Canada you best believe I would be making myself Jordgubbstårta all throughout the summer. 

May the Oatly products bless your homes in the near future,

Mia :)

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Hey Mia, 


We hear you on this one and hope that one day we can bring our whippable creamy oat to the lovely people of Canada! Until then, we hope your Jordgubbstårta is still just as delicious. 



Ali at Oatly