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Friday, October 13th, 2023 3:38 PM

New flip-top lids are horrid :-(

Dear Oatly,

Please can you bring back the screw-top lids? These flip-top ones are horrid! When I first open a carton, the cardboard of the top and side gets pulled out of shape. Then on trying to close it again I can't get it to click and the cardboard gets mashed again in the opposite direction. 

I love that the lids are from plant based plastic (sugar cane waste, right?). I just loved them a lot more when they worked better. 

Batch no. on the top is 3170AAG .

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8 months ago

Appreciate your input, Helen!


These caps are designed to meet the EU Single-Use Plastic directive (to help prevent plastic litter) - so there's no going back. We take all feedback further to TetraPak though, so thank you! 



Åsa at Oatly

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Hello Asa and thank you for your reply... wish I'd responded earlier. 

Very pleased to hear that the caps are designed to reduce plastic litter!

Shortly after my first message we realised that the caps kind of screw down, and have been using them without problems ever since. Ahem. Maybe the packaging could be printed with usage instructions for other screw-top-challenged people? 

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Thanks for following up with us Helen - and nice to hear there's less lid struggling! 


Good to know is that all Tetra Pak lids in fact have been certified "Easy to use" - meaning tested and approved by people suffering from rheumatism, for example.


That said we like your idea of screw-top-instructions on pack! We'll make sure to give you the cred if we go for it :-)



Åsa at Oatly