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Sunday, September 24th, 2023 6:38 PM

New Lids causing Oatly Barista to go sour/off

I’ve been drinking oatly barista for years and love it, for some reason the last pack of 6 cartons I’ve got seems to go sour/off in a matter of 2-3 days rather than considerably longer. 

the only thing I can see is the lids are no longer screw top and I wonder if they’re not sealed as well? 

Unless there’s any dodgy batches out there that is causing this? 

Any help welcomed 

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2 months ago

Hi James! 


Thanks for getting in touch and we're sorry to hear you've had these unpleasant experiences with our Barista, as that's not the taste and experience we pride ourselves on. We can see you've also emailed us and we'll need some more details from you, so we'll be in touch with you through there and help you oat! 





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I can confirm this! Bought over 10 bottles with the new lid design in the past month and they were all went off within 1-2 days, or were off to begin with. Went to my local coffee shop, and they reported the exactly same thing, they've stopped buying Oatly. 

Spoke to my friends in London who own a coffee shop (I'm Paris based) and they mentioned the same thing.

However, this is not just OATLY related, I tried several other alternative milk options with the same new lid, and they all face the same issue. 

Definitely don't think its a bad batch, some of the bottles on the super market shelfs have inflated and look like they're about to explode.


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Thanks for this. We're gathering all the feedback for our packaging and production teams who are looking into it.  

We truly appreci'oat your patience during this time. 

Oat regards,