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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 2:45 PM

Oatmilk unopened, best way to store for travel

Hi, we have a couple of containers of Oatly oat milk in the fridge.

We are moving to another state which will be a one and a half day trip.

What would be the best way to transport this oat milk?

Can they be left and chilled for a day and a half outside of the refrigerator?

Can they be frozen before our trip and stored in a cooler?

Or is the only option to place them in a cooler and make sure that the cooler has appropriate ice?

Thank you for your assistance

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11 months ago

Hi Missie,

and thanks for reaching out to us about this. 

If the products are part of our ambient range then yes, they can absolutely be stored in room temperature if unopened. However, if it is about any of our products that are made to be refrigerated at all times then yes, it is possible to freeze our products, however the taste and texture may change once thawed. Your mileage may vary. 

Good luck with the move!