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Friday, June 9th, 2023 5:03 AM

Rapeseed oil

Is the rapeseed oil used by Oatly in the recipe organic or genetically modified? Where is it sourced from?

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Hey there!


To make sure we answer your question as accurately as possible could you let us know in which country you're based? 



Bex at Oatly

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Hey again!


Apologies I'm only getting back to you today, we take some time off over the weekends to drink Oatly flat whites in our favourite coffee shops!


Thanks a bunch for confirming your location. I can tell you that all the Oatly cartons you find in the UK are produced in Europe using mostly non-organic rapeseed oil. We use Swedish rapeseed oil in our conventional products and imported organic oil in our organic products due to the scarcity of organic rapeseed oil available in Sweden. All commercially grown rapeseed oil in the EU is non-GMO as genetically modified rapeseed is actually banned in the EU.


The rapeseed oil we use is hot pressed and free from oxidising substances such as heavy metals, with a purer oil with a consistent taste from batch to batch, contrasting with cold pressed oil which is less consistent in taste, not as pure and has a shorter shelf life. The hot-pressed rapeseed oil is heated to 100 degrees celsius and no chemicals are used in the process. 


I really hope this info helps, let me know if you need anything else oat-drink related.


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Is there anyway you can stop using rapeseed oil in your products ?

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Hi Lalina,


Rapeseed oil is recommended in dietary guidelines thanks to its healthy fat profile, so we're likely to continue using it! Is there a particular reason you'd like us to stop and what would you prefer instead? We do have varieties with no fat too. 


All the best, 

Åsa at Oatly