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Thursday, July 27th, 2023 1:52 PM

UK Oatly oat drink and new ingredients

Hi. I can't seem to find the Oatly oat drink long life with calcium (light blue carton) in UK stores. Is it discontinued?

Also, other Oatly alternatives now seem to have acidity regulator (dipotassium phosphate) added. Why is this? The Oatly oat drink did not have this or was it just not stated on the packaging?

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11 months ago

Hey there, 


Yes, our Original Oat Drink is no more (except in 250ml format), may it rest in peace.


Our new products have an acidity regulator in them, as our Barista Edition does to make them more versatile. This is to stop any splitting or separation when put into hot water, tea, or coffee. No one needs that in their morning brew. 


Best wishes,



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Thank you Joe. I will look out for the 250ml versions.

It's a shame as I preferred to have natural ingredients and the original Oatly drink seemed to meet the requirements (with the addition of calcium and vitamin D).  I dont think any other Oatly drink has that now without any acidity regulator. Dipotassium phosphate is not healthy to keep consuming so it is a shame that this has been included in all Oatly drinks (that have added calcium and vitamin D) only for aesthetic purposes. It's OK to consume like that if you don't have any health concerns but would be better to have a healthier alternative like the Original Oatly drink (without the acidity regulator).

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So our 250mls are available in a virtual multipack from Ocado. Our simplest oat drink is our long-life organic which comprises organic oats, water, and a little salt. I have a feeling this might be the oat drink for you! 

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8 months ago

I have just used up my last Oatly original. I can’t believe it no longer exists! How can you do that? I too have health issues and cannot consume Dipotassium Phosphate! The Oatley organic is no good as we need the calcium and vitamins! You already had the barista versions for those that wanted it for coffee so why add it to every other version? I have multiple food allergies and Oatly was a mainstay for me and I used to drink it in quantity! That’s it then, I will no longer be buying Oatly, I will have to look at other brands or make my own. 

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Couldn’t agree more. What an oat-ally foolish thing to do! They had a winning formula and now we’ll have to find an alternative. Massive pain in the foot. 

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Hey Ali
Hey Toby, 

We hear you and I'll make sure our inn'oat'vation team also gets the memo.

The reason why we added the dipotassium phosphate to all of our products was to make it a more versatile product that closely replicates cow's milk's functionality
so that people can make the swap from cows milk. I understand your disappointment and frustration. As I said before, I'll make sure to pass along your feedback and hope that you are able to find another plant-based option that you can consume. 

Oats of love, 

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Another hard agree on this being ridiculous. Why discontinue a product that works, is popular, and doesn't overlap the other versions? The barista version makes me nauseus, I don't like the taste & texture of the whole or semi, but the Original I have been bulk buying for years. I just found this thread because my Subscribe & Save is cancelled.

I may try the No Sugars version before looking for another brand, but I note it's missing calcium phosphate from the ingredients list compared to the Original (as are all the other varieties)? I'd go for the organic, but I want the calcium and vitamins.