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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 9:55 AM

What’s the difference between your chilled vs. your ambient oat drink?

Everyone has a different go-to aisle for milk in the supermarket. Some head straight to the refrigerated section, others wander into the long-life section. Whether you’re looking in the fridge, or on the shelf, you can be sure to find some Oatly goodness that can help you ditch traditional cow’s milk!   


Our chilled cartons need to be kept in the fridge from purchase to their final drop, whereas the ambient cartons can be kept at room temperature for up to a year, and just need to be popped in the fridge from the moment you first open it. And that’s actually the only real difference between the two ranges.


However, both ranges include different varieties of oat drinks to suit you, your needs, desires and how you like to use your Oatly. So, whether that be an oat drink perfect for frothy coffees, a chocolate option or an organic version we can guarantee that you will find your Oatly BFF – ambient or chilled. You can explore all ingredients here (be sure to select your market for country-specific products) if you’d like to compare the oatlicious drinks!


Ps! Most our oat drinks have a lot of good things in common: the enrichment, the creamy consistency and the fact that they all can be used in cooking or baking — if you don’t prefer drinking them as they are, of course!

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16 days ago

Hi! I recently bought a few liters of the chilled versions of the whole oat drink. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space in my fridge to store all of them vertically. Will it be okay to store them lying down, considering that there is no inner seal to the container’s lid?


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Hi Renzo,


that works perfectly fine. Once opened though (as with any fluid content) do store upright to prevent a possible messy fridge!


Have an oatstanding day ahead.


All the best,


Åsa at Oatly