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Friday, October 13th, 2023 10:51 AM

Where can I find the on the go oatly oat drink?

The only place I can see online is Waitrose and we don’t have one close to us. Anyone else know where I can get the single serve I think they’re 200 or 250ml?

I need it for my little one who has a cows milk allergy

to take abroad. Thanks 

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5 months ago

Hey Zoey!


You can find our 250ml mini chocolate cartons at Waitrose, Ocado and Costco (if you have a membership card) and right now these are the only stockists. Our original 250ml cartons have stopped being produced as we no longer make that drink since upgrading it to our new semi shelf-stable oat drink which is only available in 1L format. However, our Barista Edition is available in a 0.5L carton from most large retailers if this helps at all!


All the best,

Bex at Oatly

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1 month ago

Hi Bex, 

Another disappointed 6year old here who can't take a little carton to school and be like her friends who can drink the school cows milk cartons. She's not keen on being the odd one out with a bottle. Sadly the chocolate option is vetoed by schools and barista mini too awards for her to drink. Please do keep feeding up our pleas to start selling the on the go cartons again. 

Best wishes


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Hi Ruth,


We absol'oatly hate disappointing our fans. Hopefully one day in the future we can make your 250ml dreams come true again but for now, I'll do all I can to make sure your voice is heard and pass your feedback on to the right people!


All the best,

Bex at Oatly