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Monday, September 18th, 2023 7:08 AM

Why is "Hafer Cuisine zum Kochen" not organic?


I have used Oat Cuisine Organic for years. When I saw in the refrigerated section at EDEKA and Rewe Oat Cuisine for cooking, I tried it - it tastes better.

But now I noticed that is not made from organic oats at all. Why? Because of the couple of cents more? Are you planning to make an analogous product from organic grain?
Many greetings,

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8 months ago

Hi Andreas, 

Firstly, it’s great that you keep testing our different products and end up finding new fav-oat-rites on the way.

 And now, get ready for a super quick deep dive into organic vs. non-organic products within the EU: Organic products are quite restricted, when it comes to fortification of vital vitamins and minerals and the use of additives. For us, it’s generally very important to provide products that function in the same way traditional dairy would and have a similar nutritional profile, so that they simply can replace cow’s milk products all together. It’s very hard to achieve this with organic plant-based products at this point, due to the regulations in place (which we hope will change in the future).

What’s the consequence? We sometimes have different products with a similar purpose (in this case: cooking) to meet all our consumer’s wishes and needs. We know that some might want a cooking product that works 100% like the animal-based equivalent, some might lay focus on a product being organic. Both products can be used to create oat-tastic meals, but the “Hafer Cuisine Bio” will need a good shake before using it (we suggest incorporating a quick kitchen dance session while doing so, to increase the cooking fun), since the stabilizers and emulsifiers differ from our “Hafer Cuisine zum Kochen”.

 So, to answer your question: The “Hafer Cuisine Bio” is actually the organic version of the “Hafer Cuisine zum Kochen” and vice versa.

 We hope you keep enjoying either of them (or both?!) and don’t forget to have an oatlyful day.


Aline at Oatly


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Thank you, Aline, for your reply. I have actually learned something.

But still a question: Is the oats themselves, the grain, in both products the same, so organic?
Thank you,

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Hi Andreas,

thank you for getting back to us.

The oats in the "Hafercuisine Bio" are organic, the oats in the "Hafercuisine zum Kochen" are conventional. Of course we ensure that all of the oats we use for our products live up to our high standards. 


Have an oatstanding day

Aline at Oatly