Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 9:54 AM

How and where are your oats sourced?

We love oats. In fact, we love this magnificent crop so much that we’re sort of obsessed with making delicious and nutritious products from it. But as much as we love oats, we don’t grow our own. We leave that to talented and committed farmers!

As a global company, we have factories on many continents, and source from many different places around the world. Sweden, of course, but also Canada, Belgium and Finland, just to mention a few.

When it comes to fertilizers, different farmers have different practices; some use mineral fertilizers, some manure, and others bone meal. We know healthy soils are important for a healthy planet and are working to reduce the fertilizer impact in the oat supply.


As part of Ashley’s to-do list, aka our sustainability plan (https://www.oatly.com/fi-fi/oatly-who/sustainability-plan) we want to ensure 100% of our oats are sourced in the most sustainable way for each local context. Working together with farmers is crucial– without them, there would be no oats, and no Oatly.

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2 months ago

Any updates re: sourcing and fertilizer in the past two years?

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Yay, thanks for asking Maryann!


The work on sustainably cultivated oats is ongoing - one example is our F.A.R.M initiative launched last year. Have a read! Any questions please let us know.



Åsa at Oatly