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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 10:11 AM

Origin of the oat for Oatly in France


When I buy Oatly in France, is the oat produced in Sweden and imported in France or are you using French oat and manufacturing it in France. I'm a bit concerned about the carbon foot print of the final product.

Thanks a lot!


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2 years ago

Hi Emmanuelle,

Thanks for your question. And for starters we love it that you care for our planet!


We don't have an oat factory in France but make our products sold in our European markets in Sweden and the Netherlands. Good news is that you can find the climate footprint (in CO2e) either on pack or on our website (see here for example!)


There's also a nice more in depth read about what exactly is included in this number - and how to know if it's high or low (tricky one!) - to be found right here. 


Hope this was helpful and we're here to chat if you have more questions or thoughts.



Åsa at Oatly

2 years ago

Thanks a lot Åsa for your answer :-)