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Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 4:38 PM

Why doesn't Barista Oatly come in bigger carton?

I work in a cafe and think choosing oat milk is a great way to make your coffee order more sustainable but I noticed that Oatly comes in a carton half the size of the dairy milk we use. Surely offering cafes bigger cartons of Oatly would help to cut down packaging waste and make it an even more sustainable option, can't see any down sides to this!

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7 months ago

Hey Mia, 

We hear you, and we will make sure to let our innovation team know that there is a wish of a bigger carton of Oatly. I will also make sure to add it to the Oatly wish list! 


I just want to share that I too would really like Oatly to come in bigger cartons as I go through it so quickly, but am more inclined to switch back to regular milk because of the size difference.

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Hear you loud and clear Holly. Are you based in the US? 

Oat regards,