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Monday, December 12th, 2022 9:25 AM

Why not regional oat and production?

I understand Oatly has good reasons for Swedish oat. But wouldn't it be worth doing some research to find f. e. Austrian or German ecologically grown oat that fits all quality standards and produce the stuff here altogether, just to reduce transports?  I mean, Landskrona is >1200 km from here (and we even have a well situated Location "Landskron" in Austria, you just have to erase one charakter…).

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Michael Praschma

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1 year ago

Hi Michael,


we like the way you think! And local production has been part of our long term goal and mission as we were growing as a company. We now have oat factories in the Netherlands, USA, Singapore and China (fun fact about transports: in general when it comes to food the climate footprint lies in the actual production, not transports. Here's a good read if you're up for it!)


Tempting what you're suggesting, we must say. Landskrona turned out to be the perfect spot to make liquid oats so we're sure Landskron wouldn't disappoint. Thanks - we really had no idea!



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