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Friday, May 19th, 2023 8:51 PM

500ml packaging

Hi, I really enjoy oatly vanilla in my coffee, however since i only live alone and dont consume a whole liter in a week, almost half of it ends up going bad. It would really make my day to see something like 500ml cartons in the netherlands!

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1 year ago

It would be nice to see them also in Czech Republic <3 

Keep rolling!!! 

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Hey Matyáš, did you know you can find us here?

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1 year ago

Hi oat fan!


It really warms my little oat heart to hear you're enjoying our vanilla oat drink. I totally understand you can't consume a whole liter every week (although I find myself gulping from the pack, standing in front of an open fridge late at night more often than I'd like), so it makes sense you'd like 500ml cartons. They're not currently on our wish list for the Netherlands but I'll definitely pass on your request. 


However, did you know that you can freeze our oat drink? After defrosting and a good shake it should be good to go again. Perhaps that's an idea that could solve your issue.



Ilja at Oatly