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Friday, February 23rd, 2024 9:18 AM

Collaboration opportunity in the MiddleEast



I am writing to you from the heart of my beloved city, Dubai!

Well, I am the PR Specialist of a well-known Matcha supplier company, YOOCHA MATCHA in the UAE, and we source our organic Matcha straight from Japan. I have.. well let's not say an idea but more of a concept AKA- MATCHA OATLY

By the way, I'm annoyed at how you don't have a website for the MENA region, like do I really need to get into this now?

Anyway, our company was founded in 2021, and we are growing in the MENA region- I hate (love) to brag but we have over 400+ partners; cafes, wellness centers, restaurants, specialty coffee shops, and more.


I am open to all sorts of discussions about any future collaboration, and I do have a few ideas that can benefit us all.


Would kill to know what your thoughts are!


With love,


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2 months ago

Hey Z, 

So lovely to hear from the heart of your beloved city of Dubai!  

Could you please send us an email at info@oatly.com, so we can forward your request internally? Feel free to dive into the details of these few ideas that you do have that could benefit us all! 

As to the website for the MENA region, your wish has been noted! I promise to bring your feedback back to our web oat punks for consideration! 

These are my thoughts, but please don't kill for them! :)