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Sunday, April 28th, 2024 6:58 PM

Cut down on carbon footprints with these easy steps

Oatly is all about the Oats and the water, right? What if we think a little more Swedish about this; flatpack those cartons, load them with oats of preferred choice, and ship them dry across countries to seriously increase the amount of cartons per qubic, I’m already shaking my Oatly before drinking it, and I bet many of, if not most of oatdrink fans would not mind cutting of a couple more carbon footprints 

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3 months ago

Hear you Jonathan – but dry oats mixed with water are unfortunately not as tasty as when mixed in our oat factory! We use oat kernels, grind them and add enzymes to make it all into liquid. In terms of the carbon footprint, most emissions are happening at the farm (not shipping or packaging, contrary to popular belief).


So, we focus (mostly) on sustainability efforts where we can have the most impact and hope offering oat based products in the dairy section with the CO2e printed on pack will inspire people to swap from cow’s milk – cutting their carbon footprint in the process. Yay!


Åsa at Oatly