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Sunday, September 25th, 2022 11:42 PM

How to bring Oatley to Antigua, Guatemala?

Hey there - huge fan of Oatley. I live in Antigua, Guatemala and there is a thriving coffee scene; however, not a single container of oat milk to be found (aka not a single oat-based espresso drink offered). Is there interest in expanding into LATAM? 

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2 years ago

Hello Elissa!


Our apologies for the delayed response — we're so glad that you are a huge fan of Oatly (hailing all the way from Antigua too!). I have never been to Antigua but I can definitely imagine how strong the coffee scene must be, due to the great quality of coffee beans.


Thank you for all that you must be doing to support the plant-based movement in your city. We are definitely interested in helping to bring more high-quality, oat-based options to this side of the world, though we don't have any timelines to share at the moment. Please know that we are working hard to expand our capabilities in the meantime. 


Peace, love + oats

Ruby from Oatly

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Hi, I am also from Guatemala. Currently discovered your milk and ice creams while in Europe and would love to have them on this side of the pond. Not many options around here and definitely the best vegan ice cream I have ever tasted. I miss the views but maybe not as much as oatly haha. Hope to see your brand over here some day soon.



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Greetings Lorena! So fun that you got to try our oatmilk and ice creams while traveling in Europe. There are some fun flavors over in the EU that are not available in North America, so I am quite envious.

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1 year ago

Hello another expat living in Guatemala. The country's market is prepped for your business right now. Natures Heart Brand is already available in stores. Starbucks is importing Oatly to their locations and Guatamaladigital.com is selling 6 packs of your products with a hefty tax and delivery price.

Please make it happen soon.


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Hi Mike, 


We'd love to bring some oat-based goodness to Guatemala once we have the production capacity to do so. In the meantime, thanks for hanging in there! 



Ali at Oatly 

11 months ago

Hello, I am an Oatly fan living in Ecuador, where similar to Guatemala there is a strong coffee culture and thriving plant-based alternatives movement. I live between Ecuador, Colombia and Peru and there is a real need for oat milk. In Colombia Starbucks has been out of stock of their house brand oat milk for over a month. There is a market for Oatly. I have contacts to import the finished product, and own a factory that has capacity to produce Oatly. Is there any interest to work together to bring Oatly to LatAm? 

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Hi Antonia,


Thank you so much for offering your support to us as an Oatly fan! We definitely want to bring our oat products to more countries on this side of the world, though we're still growing our capabilities as a whole. If you'd like to email info@oatly.com, we'd love to get your message to the right team member working on this area!