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Thursday, December 1st, 2022 12:11 PM

Make 1 liter cartons of Oatgurt (Havergurt) please

I love the oatgurt (normal not the greek one) and it is only in a 500 ml container. I would love it to come in a carton like the oatly drink (in the netherlands we eat a lot of yoghurt etc, and they are all in 1 liter cartons, like the drink).

Pretty please?

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1 year ago

Heya Esther,


First of all: I'm so happy to hear you love having the Havergurt Naturel for breakfast! Or lunch, of course. Or dinner. Or midnight snack. Or 3:15 AM snack. Or... Well, you get the point: any moment of any day is a perfectly fine moment to enjoy some oaty creaminess, if you ask me. It totally makes sense that you'd love 1 liter cartons. We want them too! Possibly even better: we already have them! We just don't sell them (yet) in the Netherlands. Oops, that was kind of a bummer. I hope I did not just inflict a feeling of slight jealousy towards our Nordic neighbors who are able to enjoy cartons of Havergurt. That would not be very thoughtful of me.


Anyway, know that this is totally on our wishlist for the Netherlands, and we really hope to proudly put our cartons of Havergurt right next to the cows yogurt in every supermarket in the future. Consider your wish noted.



Ilja at Oatly