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Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 4:58 PM

Oatly Jiggers for UK universities and workplaces

How fast the jiggers will be available in universities and workplaces. I used to work in a bank where admin ordered so many single-serve dairy creamer packs and I couldn't consume. I wish these jiggers will be available in financial institution/consulting firms offices like HSBC, Standard Chartered, McKinsey, etc. Also universities like Oxford University should have high demand for this product. A whole new blue market for Oatly jiggers to explore.

1 month ago

Hi John,


Thanks for reaching oat and sharing how our Oatly jiggers are piquing interest in loads of new spaces. We’d love to share our Oatly goodness in as many places as we can, to make dairy-free alternatives as accessible as possible. As the 20ml jiggers are still quite new, maybe it would be worth giving these places a nudge to point them in the right direction? We’re always looking for new ways to show up where our community needs us, so hopefully we can jigger our way into those places! 


Thank you for thinking of us and have a lovely weekend.