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Friday, September 22nd, 2023 6:02 PM

Pls Bring out more icecream

I think six sorts of different ice cream are not enough oatly icecream sorts. What I would love are: 

- Chocolate Salted caramel Ice cream, with a bit more salted caramel and with chocolate chunks for crunch (the chocolate ice you already made are nice, but I miss something with a bit more crunch)

- Strawberry&Cherry Mix with hazelnut and chocolate chips(we need more fruits) 

- Rasberry, Strawberry, Caramelswirls and chocolate chips/chunks

- chocolate, lemon  ice-cream mix  with nut splinters or chocolate chips (or both nut and chocolate, I think that would probably be more perfect)

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7 months ago

Hey Kooriko, 


seems like you've been given this some thought! Well, your wishes will be added to our wishlist so let's see what the future brings!


Jeanna at Oatly