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Monday, February 26th, 2024 12:43 PM

When will Oatly Glutenfree be introduced in Germany?

I am a big big fan of Oatly Barista however know now that I can't have gluten anymore. As far as I understood from the Web, Oatly Barista is not 100% glutenfree and that the US only has a glutenfree version. Are there plans to introduce a glutenfree version also in Europe / Germany soon? (hint: I tried other brands of oat milk glutenfree, but am not convinced)

5 months ago

And in the Netherlands? 🙏

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Hi Valerie!


Please check out the comment from my oat punk colleague Lena below, as this is also true for the Netherlands and the whole of Europe.


I'm sorry we don't have any better news to share at this point! This leaves us with only one thing to do: keeping all our toes and fingers crossed and hope really hard for a gluten free version of our Barista Edition in the future.



Ilja at Oatly 

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4 months ago

Hey Maike, 


thanks for reaching out! I know how hard it can be to find suitable (and tasty!) products, and I am sorry to hear that no gluten-free oat drink has tickled your tastebuds yet.


Unfortunately, you are right that our products aren’t gluten-free in Europe, as 100% gluten-free oats aren’t as readily available in Europe as they are in the US. Furthermore, the production of gluten-free products would require a special and controlled environment, which we cannot guarantee for our production sites at the moment.


We are keeping an eye on the oat-situation in Europe and cross our fingers for an improvement regarding the availability of 100% gluten-free oats. Also, rest assured that we are passing on your wishes to our inn-oat-vation team.



Lena at Oatly