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Thursday, September 1st, 2022 3:12 PM

Where to buy?

Havergurt Bosbes, amazingly nice for the whole family. Even for the most picky eaters. I used to buy it at AH. Unfortunately they have taken it out of their portfolio. Does anyone know which supermarket chain still supplies it in the Netherlands?

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1 year ago

Heya Bregje!


Albert Heijn has temporarily taken the Havergurt Bosbes out of their assortment because of some production issues we had a little while ago. But here I come bearing good news: it should be back at the end of this month! 


Right now there's nothing to do but sit tight and wait (im)patiently until you can get your hands on your favorite purple and sweet Havergurt again. The Havergurt Naturel and Griekse Stijl are available at bigger Jumbo stores and Hoogvliet. Perhaps that's an alternative to use in the meantime?


Hope this helps!



Ilja at Oatly