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Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 10:43 AM


I'm a student At Talent garden innovation school from Rome, i'd like to chose your company for my project work of digital marketing. It means that i'd need some data to analyze the marketing structure of the brand ( incomes; expenses , marketing budget..).

My idea is of analyze a possible expansion in the Italian market, because now the brand is not well known and not enough whitespread. 

do you think I can relate with someone from marketing department to have these infos ? :)

P.S.: I really love your products guys!

best regards, 


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3 months ago

Hi Simone,


thanks for the love and for choosing us for your project! 


You'll find a lot of business analysis on our Investor site (but we don't share overhead expenses in any of our operational areas). If you're interested in how we work with our visibility as a brand you will also see lots of examples in our student material (where our Chief Creative Officer John Schoolcraft also explains why we don't have a marketing department at Oatly ;-).


Hopefully all this can be helpful to you!


Best of luck with your project.



Åsa at Oatly